in Cattolica Directly on the sea


We believe that children are the most demanding of guests and the judges, more honest, and try to satisfy them in the best has always been our goal. In fact, at the Hotel Aqua Cattolica, we pay special attention to the needs of families and their little ones. A lot of attention and ad hoc services to make your stay a moment to remember. 


Our comfort rooms are ideal to accommodate the whole family; large spaces and dedicated services allow you to spend a holiday in total comfort. Depending on the requirements, there are cots, beds with side rails and pans for the bathroom.

At the restaurant, instead, they are provided comfortable chairs and, depending on the age of the children, prepare baby food, and broth or proposed different baby menu. Also, asking at the reception, you will also find a comfortable pushchairs and the advice of our paediatrician


Pampering and attention

What is there more beautiful than a child playing and is happy? Thanks to the entertainment service both in the beach, the children will spend peaceful moments and carefree, with so many new friends.

At the beach you can find a colorful playground and the swimming pool where splashing around in total safety. You just need to try!

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