in Cattolica Directly on the sea

The surroundings

History and nature in the surroundings of Cattolica intertwine perfectly, and if from one side you can find the historical medieval village samong the most beautiful of Italy, on the other, there are spectacular landscapes and nature trails to take to get to know this land, located on the border between Romagna and the Marche. 

Medieval villages

A few kilometres from Cattolica, is located the beautiful village of Gradara, made famous by the story of the two lovers Paolo and Francesca, who, in his imposing fortress, they saw, tragically the end of their love. Not far away is San Giovanni in Marignano considered the entrance gate to the Valconca valley, and famous for the fertility of its soil.

Always in the Valconca valley are worth a visit the villages of Montegridolfo, a real military fortress and labyrinthine streets, the old town, with its old entrance door that looks towards the sea, Montefiore Conca, with its curious " rocca from the square shapes, and Morciano di Romagna, with its modern look and dynamic commercial capital of the valley. 


Natural landscapes

Close to the Catholic, on the promontory of Gabicce, there is the Natural Park of San Bartolo. Here you can enjoy views of priceless beauty and admire the various species of animals that inhabit the area. In the area of the park is Fiorenzuola di Focara and its pristine beach lapped by crystal clear waters.

Very impressive, a few kilometers from the crowded coast romagnola, are the Caves of Onferno. In the hinterland of Valconca these caves are considered among the most important in Italy. Carved by the waters of a stream in the course of several millennia, and today are divided into rooms of different sizes of which the most famous is the Hall of the Mamelons, so named for the large protuberance conical chalk. 

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